Guidelines – Master’s

M.S. in Sport Managementsm

The master's degree in Sport Management prepares students in the theoretical, research and applied dimensions of this field of study.  Further the interdisciplinary nature of these concentrations affords students a considerable amount of flexibility in terms of areas of specialization.

Students select a thesis, internship, or a research project option. The thesis option consists of 24 credit hours (8 courses) of coursework and 9 credit hours of thesis research. The research project and internship options consist of 27 credit hours (9 courses) and a 6 credit internship or research project following the completion of all coursework

  • Minimum number of required semester hours = 33 credits
  • Option A (non-thesis): 27 credits of coursework and 6 credits for internship or
    research/special project; comprehensive examination (following completion of all coursework) OR
  • Option B (thesis): 24 credits of coursework, 9 credits for thesis and a thesis

Faculty Advisors:  Dr. Laura Burton, Dr. Joseph Cooper, Dr. Jennifer McGarry