The Sport Management Program is designed to provide an educational experience that includes an effective blend of classroom, research and field experiences in an effort to provide each student the opportunity to gain disciplinary knowledge and to develop the necessary skills to be successful in any area of the sport industry.

Our mission is to graduate scholar-practitioners, and researchers, who have the knowledge, skills, and values to lead the sport industry in the 21st century and who envision sport as a vehicle for positive social outcomes.


The Broadcast: Centralizes announcements for student, alumni and partners.  Maintain connections and establish effective, department-wide lines of communication.  Broadcasts will include updates and reminders regarding academics, advising, internships and more.

Text reads: #CONNECT To foster community, promote substantive learning, and build on our collective networks, the Sport Management Program will not hold class during these weeks: September 14-18; October 19-23; November 16-20

Text reads: Team Huddle - Meet with a consistent group of students and instructors to work together, build connections, and engage in shared learning.  Small cohorts of Sport Management students and faculty.  Conversations around relevant academic, personal and societal topics

Text reads: #Connect Instead of class, we will bring together a diverse and talented mix of students, alumni, faculty, and partners to collaborate for specific activities: The Broadcast, Team Huddle, Beyond the Field

Text reads: Beyond the Field, facilitated conversation around current social and political issues as they intersect with sport, featuring esteemed practitioners and scholars.  Series will cover a variety of issues such as gender equity, activism, and racism.  Expand our understanding - both within the realm of sport and in society.

99 Undergraduate students

44 Master's students

14 PhD students

9 Program Faculty