Welcome to the home of the UConn Sport Management Alumni Community!

These web pages are dedicated to the dynamic and active community of UConn graduates connected to Sport Management and sport in general – the UConn Sport Management Alumni Community!

This community includes not only former students who have completed a Sport Management degree at UConn (undergraduate or graduate), but also gladly welcomes any UConn graduate (regardless of the degree completed) who has a connection to sport (community, amateur or professional), former UConn athletes, and any former student who took a course from the Sport Management department during their time at UConn.

Our goals are to:

Develop a sense of COMMUNITY,
Create a network of COMMUNICATION,
And raise visibility to PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE students!

Few activities have the unifying power that sport possesses – not only can it demonstrate the value of individual achievement, but at the same time it can teach us that working together as a team, we are stronger and can succeed on levels that we cannot reach on our own. It can help instill within us the values of commitment, fair play, perseverance as well as help us learn how to win with humility and lose with grace. Not only does sport connect people, it improves health, it stirs our emotions, it entertains… and can be one of the most effective vehicles for enacting positive social outcomes – both in your community and around the globe.


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Alumni Community

The UConn Sport Management Program continues to develop various opportunities for members of the UConn Sport Management Alumni Community to get involved and help current and future members of the community navigate and understand the intricacies of the world of sport management.


Hartford Event 2022

CASK Bar and Kitchen in NYC

Matt Fraulino, Jennie McGarry and Brittany Hunter at NY Yankees game, summer 2018

Neag School of Education's sport management department hosted a day-long conference for netwokring and professional development on Saturday, Jan. 28, 2017 at Laurel Hall.

Sport Management alumni and friends gathered for an evening of networking on Aug. 24, 2017.

Jennie McGarry converses with two SMP alumni at NYC alumni event in 2017.