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Please follow these guidelines:

These guidelines summarize the requirements for a Bachelor of Science for students following the 2023-24 requirements.

The Sport Management major prepares students for employment in the marketing, promotion, and/or management of sport-related enterprises. Such areas can include community, college/university, professional and corporate sport organizations.

Students must earn at least 120 credits with a minimum total grade point average of 2.2.

Download the 2023-24 Plan of Study Form document. Plan of Study Instructions document.

Sport Management at UConn Neag School | Our mission is to graduate scholar-practitioners and researchers who have the knowledge, skills, and values to lead the sport industry in the 21st center and who envision sport as a vehicle for positive social outcomes.
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General Education Requirements

The General Education Requirements listed in the Academic Regulations of the University of Connecticut Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020 include:

• Content Area I – Arts and Humanities (6 credits)
• Content Area II – Social Sciences (6 credits)
• Content Area III – Science and Technology (6-7 credits)
• Content Area IV – Diversity and Multiculturalism (6 credits)

Lower division requirements have been selected to assist students with completing the general education requirements, including two W courses (one must be 2000-level or higher and associated with the student’s major), two Q courses (one Q course must be from Mathematics or Statistics), and an Environmental Literacy (E) course. The courses fulfilling the Content Areas One, Two, and Three requirements must be drawn from at least six different subjects as designated by the subject letter code (e.g., ANTH or PVS). The courses within each of these content areas must be from two different subjects.

Sport Management Requirements (EDLR)

  • EDLR 3090 Directed Observation/Participation (3 credits)
  • EDLR 3091 Internship (6 credits)
  • EDLR 3300W Sport in Society (3 credits)
  • EDLR 3310 Management of Sport Organizations (3 credits)
  • EDLR 3325 Sport Venue and Event Management (3 credits)
  • EDLR 3335 Sport Law (3 credits)
  • EDLR 3340 Introduction to Sport Marketing (3 credits)
  • EDLR 3345 Financial Management in the Sport Industry (3 credits)
  • EDLR 3350 Introduction to Sport Communication (3 credits)
  • EDLR 3547W Introduction to Sport Based Youth Development (4 credits)
  • EDLR 3550 Career Development in Sport Management (3 credits)

*EDLR 3090 - This course can be taken at any point during your Junior or Senior year OR you can enroll over the summer, but you will have to pay for these credits.  For more information on fees, please visit UConn Summer Sessions.

**EDLR 3091 - If registering for EDLR 3091 in a Fall or Spring semester WITHOUT enrolling in any other courses, you will be charged UConn tuition and fees EVEN if you are NOT on campus. For out-of-state students, the cost of the 6-credit internship would be less to take during the summer.  For more information, please visit UConn Bursar.

Related Requirements

  • COMM 1100
  • ECON 1201
  • ECON 1202
  • MATH 1070Q
  • PSYC 1100
  • PSYC 1101 or PSYC 1103
  • PSYC 2600
    SOCI 1001 or SOCI 1251
  • STAT 1000Q or STAT 1100Q

Cognate Electives

Students will select at least 15 credits of advisor approved 2000-level or higher major related
courses outside of Educational Leadership.


Prospective UConn Students

  • Sport Management is an upper-division major at UConn. Students with an interest in Sport Management need to apply to UConn as a pre-Sport Management major in the Academic Center for Exploratory Studies (ACES) program
  • After you have matriculated into UConn, students will be assigned an advisor through ACES. The ACES advisor will work with the student to follow the Semester Sequence to fulfill the prerequisite requirements for application into the Sport Management major
  • Students apply into the Sport Management major in the spring of their sophomore year (traditionally, the 4th semester at UConn)

Current UConn Students

Successful applicants to Sport Management generally have completed the following:

  • Earned sufficient credits to be eligible for consideration
  • Applied by the annual deadline of February 1st
  • Accumulated quality experience related to the sport industry
  • Completed a well-written personal statement discussing why you are interested in pursuing a degree in Sport Management. Be sure to include information regarding your current experiences in the field of Sport Management and your future aspirations for a career in this field
  • Submitted one letter of recommendation from a professional (professional in sport management, faculty member, or supervisor). This individual must be able to address his/her perceptions regarding your ability to be successful in the Sport Management program
  • Earned the most competitive grade point averages

Transfer Students

  • Must apply to BOTH UConn AND to the Sport Management program by February 1st in order to be considered for the Sport Management program. Be sure you review all information regarding how to apply for transfer admissions to UConn by visiting Undergraduate Admissions’ Website


  1. Assemble your application materials in electronic format
    • Personal statement
    • A resume of not more than two pages
    • Three professional references (name, title, contact information)
  2. Complete the electronic application
  3. Please email the following materials, in one email to Dr. Laura Burton:
    • Unofficial transcripts of all non-UConn collegiate work completed to date (only for non-UConn students)1;
    • One letter of recommendation (from the three professional references listed above)

The Admissions Committee will only review completed applications received by February 1st

1These documents are required specifically for admission into the program

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