Given the large volume of emails during the admissions process, we respectfully ask that you please email for all inquiries.

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Laura Burton headshot
Dr. Laura Burton
Department Head
Director of Undergraduate Programs
Gentry 217A
(860) 486-3095

Danielle DeRosa headshot
Danielle DeRosa
Clinical Instructor
Gentry 202
(860) 486-2403

justin evanovich headshot
Dr. Justin Evanovich
Assistant Clinical Professor
Managing Director of Husky Sport
Gentry 217C
(860) 486-4706

Doug Glanville headshot

Doug Glanville
Adjunct Faculty
Gentry 242B
(860) 486-0250

Jennifer McGarry headshot
Dr. Jennifer McGarry
Director of Graduate Programs
Gentry 233
(860) 486-5139

Dr. Mansour Ndiaye
Dr. Mansour Ndiaye
Adjunct Professor
Rowe Building
(860) 486-2822

Frank Russo headshot
Frank Russo
Adjunct Professor
(860) 712-0452

Eli Wolff headshot
Eli Wolff
Adjunct Faculty
Gentry 242B
(860) 486-0250