Staying in Storrs: SPM Alumnus on Networking and NCAA Rules

The University of Connecticut’s Department of Educational Leadership is fortunate to have well-connected alumni who continue to work with the university post-graduation or who have returned after years of work in diverse professional settings. The “Staying in Storrs” series highlights our talented EDLR program alumni and the work they are currently doing with UConn. This […]

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Jamelle Elliott: Where She Is Now

“I learned that what you think is your best is not good enough. There’s always something you can do better, whether in a drill, in a game, or in life. You can practice harder, do it better, and accomplish more than you originally thought you could.” – SPM Alumna, Jamelle Elliott in UConn Today

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Courses and Curriculum: EDLR 3345

UConn’s Department of Educational Leadership (EDLR) offers a rich and diverse curriculum that prepares both undergraduate and graduate students to be educational leaders in our ever-changing world. The “Courses and Curriculum” series highlights innovative courses within EDLR’s catalog that are changing the education game for the better. In EDLR 3345: Financial Management in the Sport […]

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Joseph Cooper Releases New Book: From Exploitation Back to Empowerment

The Neag School of Education covers Sport Management’s Dr. Joseph Cooper, who recently released a new book, From Exploitation Back to Empowerment: Black Male Holistic (Under)Development Through Sport and (Mis)Education which was inspired by his research on the intersection between sport, education, race, and culture and the impact of sport involvement on the holistic development of Black male athletes.  […]

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Leading While Black, the Experience of Black Female Principals

UConn Today covers two EDLR faculty researchers, Dr. Jennie Weiner and Sport Management’s Dr. Laura Burton will be investigating 25 black, female principals and how microaggressions and discrimination affect their experiences. This research is funded by a Spencer Foundation Grant.

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