Sport as a tool for social change – suicide prevention

Run With Your Pack 5K for Suicide Awareness & Prevention.

During Suicide Prevention Week 2014, Active Minds and the UConn Suicide Prevention Committee organized the “Run With Your Pack 5K” to to raise awareness of mental health advocacy and suicide prevention on campus.

Let’s face it – speaking about suicide is not an easy or comfortable topic. Nevertheless, it’s an important one in society in general, but universities in particular. Did you know that it is the 2nd leading cause of college student deaths? Scary. Putting suicide in the context of sport makes it easier for us all to acknowledge – awareness events like the “Run With Your Pack 5k” become an integral way for us to address uncomfortable topics.

So hey, you read this – speak about it today with your friends, peers, and classmates. Whether you are student or professor, you can make a difference – the simple message is: talk to people, help is there. If you are struggling, there are people and resources right here on campus to help.

For everyone else, we ask you to just bring it up in conversation with someone. If we all speak about it, people who struggle with depression may be more willing to speak up or seek help. A side conversation with a friend might be all the encouragement someone needs. So do your part Рspeak up. You may never know it, but you might save a life today just by having a chat.