Kelli Bates Interns With USA Rugby

Written by: Kelli Bates

My name is Kelli Bates and this summer I worked as an Event Management and Marketing Intern for USA Rugby, which was based in Lafayette, CO.Kelli Bates

This internship consisted of a wide range of responsibilities and opportunities; including but not limited to, creating marketing ideas and strategies to promote and plan international events while building relationships for future sponsorships. I've had the opportunity to travel throughout Colorado, attending different events while documenting and learning what goes on behind the scenes. I was able to assist in the growth of rugby through clinics and social media promotions.

This internship has taught me a lot about non-profit organizations which includes both positive and negative aspects, but ultimately, it helped me identify that working for a non-profit is a great experience because it allows you to focus on the expansion and growth of the company which creates a plethora of opportunities for everyone. This experience allowed me to expand my skill set in both event management and marketing, and in turn develop new skills that I can use as I continue my undergraduate degree with the Sport Management Program.