Planning Ahead As An Events Intern

Written by: Nadeige Bailey

Nadeige Bailey and two other USATF internsMy name is Nadeige Bailey and I am from the small town of Cromwell, CT. This summer, I had the opportunity to intern with USA Track & Field in Indianapolis, IN, as one of three chosen Event Interns. I obtained this internship by searching TeamWorkOnline throughout the beginning of the second semester of my senior year. Once my application was submitted, I participated in a phone interview and two days later was offered the position.

I've been fortunate to travel this summer to Bloomington, IN, for the 2018 Junior Outdoor Championships; Des Moines, IA, for the 2018 Outdoor Championships; and Greensboro, NC, for the 2018 Junior Olympics. While on the road, my main responsibilities consisted of assisting my supervisors in “dressing” the track with signage prior to the start of the competition. This is generally when we were able to see the signage plans that were created back in the office, come to life!  When I wasn't traveling, I spent time in the national office in 'Indy' where my tasks varied day to day, but included composing several staff and athlete manuals, assisting with signage plans, and making phone calls to individual athletes. Through this experience, I was able to network with other departments within the office such as Entertainment Properties, Communications, and International Teams, to name a few. Networking with individuals from other departments as well as my own, helped me to grasp a more complete picture on the ins-and-outs of working for a national governing body. The connections I have made while at USATF have proven to be very valuable. I’m grateful to have gained several mentors within the organization who helped me develop as a young professional and contributed to my personal success.

Nadeige Bailey

The best advice I can give is plan, plan, plan! This is by far is my biggest takeaway that I have learned working within Events. Accompanied with my time spent in Event Operations for UConn Athletics, my internship as an Events intern at USATF reaffirmed that 90% of events consists of planning ahead. It is critical to make sure that all your bases are covered when putting on a high-profile sporting event. 

Customer service is another important aspect when working within Events. It was our job to ensure that the athletes, coaches, fans, and staff had the most successful and enjoyable experience possible. When working an event, it is good to have the mindset that every individual you cross paths with should be treated as if they were the CEO. This type of customer service will leave a lasting impression and enhance the overall credibility and rapport of both the organization and the sport.

Working for USATF was an incredible experience. I strengthen my skill set, as well as learned new concepts that I will be able to take with me as I continue my journey throughout the events avenue of the sport industry. To be able to successfully execute a first-class event and witness the next generation of Olympians compete has been a great joy from working in sport this summer!